Guys…Aria was the very last person Mona spoke with.


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 |  hey, hey. so people are going back to school or, already in school so here’s this masterpost of helpful stuff to help you survive school!!

school resources: 

mental health:

music ft. food

good luck!!

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if i as a retail worker have to work with a dozen cameras pointed at me to deter me from stealing $10, cops should have to work with a camera pointed at them to deter them from arbitrarily maiming and killing people

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First and last words

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m: she assembled the perfect group
a: perfect for what?
s: for a  s o c i o p a t h  to manipulate

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I like hot girls. And I like hot boys. I like hot people! What can I say? I’m shallow.

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“Why the grim faces — did someone die?”

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I did everything I could to keep you safe.

list of movies: Dirty Dancing  - Release date August 17, 1987
"That was the summer of 1963 - when everybody called me Baby, and it didn’t occur to me to mind. That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles came, when I couldn’t wait to join the Peace Corps, and I thought I’d never find a guy as great as my dad. That was the summer we went to Kellerman’s."

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finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters


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weeds 5x13 / orange is the new black 2x13

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I don’t think she ever loved anybody. I don’t think she knew how. She just collected love from other people.

Emily Fields about Alison DiLaurentis, PLL